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What in the world is Quickdraw Trivia?

For venue owners, Quickdraw Trivia is simply the best way to host a trivia night. It's all on your terms, all you need is a laptop and a TV. You can host it yourself, or we can help you. It's really up to you. Simply, download the app, subscribe and you can host the best event of the week!


For patrons, Quickdraw Trivia is a night with friends filled with laughter and rivalry. Team up, go maverick, whatever! Just come out to any Quickdraw Trivia location and have fun with Trivia.

Can you host it for me?

You bet we can! Hit us with an email and we can chat about hosting your trivia night.

Mac or PC?

BOTH! And if you have a TV available hook your laptop up for a dual screen experience. Show players their scores, questions, and picture trivia!

Can I host it myself?

Of course! The App is dead simple and flexible enough to suit whatever format you want to run. Just download  and get started.

Q1. What is the best app to host a trivia night?

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